Our Winemaker

The pillars of our winery are vision, values, love and passion for wine.

The founders of the winery are of rich knowledge in the domain, and we trust in our experience to reach the highest professional standard – a target that we first and foremost are committed to by ourselves.

Our motto is : there are no unreachable goals, but only solutions that no one has yet thought of.

Following this guideline, we decided to recruit only professionals of the first league. Our vintner and vine growers are among the best in their trade.

The choice of Sasson Ben Aharon as the vintner of our winery was the natural choice.

Sasson Ben Aharon has a rich history and remarkable experience in vine-growing, professional management of wineries and production of first class boutique wine.

Sasson Ben Aharon acceded to our request and joined us from the early days of our vision, thus being an active partner from the laying of the cornerstone and until the placement of the first bottle on the shelf.

Sasson Ben Aharon is one of the founders of our winery, and it is his broad experience, expertise and extraordinary character that make the wine of 5 Stones vineyards uncompromising as far as quality is concerned and with the unique signature of his gifted hands.

The skill to combine the love for his profession, his creativity and quest for excellence with the rich experience enable Sasson to produce extraordinary wine.

Sasson was born in 1962 and grew up in the Jerusalem mountain area. He studied agriculture in high school and in the university and graduated with the MA degree in Wine Chemistry from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

After serving for 6 years in scientific research of grape cultures in the Israeli Wine Institute, Sasson joined the Israeli wine industry. Today, with nearly 25 years of practice, he is one of the most talented and experienced experts in his guild.