Our Vineyards

The winery’s top quality grapes are grown in old established vineyards on the abundantly breezy peaks of the Elah Valley. Its unique temperature and fertile alluvial soil form a perfect natural bed for old vines that yield particularly intense fruit.

The location of the unique vineyard was chosen to meet the requirements of the vines and for its terroir, with the same precision, creativity and wisdom used by David when choosing his weapon – the one that transformed his “minor” skill into his biggest advantage.


The vineyards are located in a region that enjoys temperate weather, ranging from cold winters to hot summers days with cool night temperatures. The result is good phenolic ripening and impressive acidity


The vineyards enjoy an average precipitation of 500 mm in the winter, from October to May. The amount of rain and its distribution throughout this period allows the vines to grow from the beginning of spring into the summer.


The row-direction of the vines in all vineyard plots allows the wind to move freely between the rows and to chase away the early morning mist and humidity that accumulates overnight.


The vineyards are planted in aerated clay soil with rich mineral content and good drainage. It constitutes an excellent habitat for vines and their roots.